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“Chaos mansion” is a point & click escape room puzzle game focused on the investigation, items management mechanics and story telling.

You will play the role of a sect´s prisoner. Waking up in a cell you must find the way to escape before the adepts come back and use you as a sacrifice to summon the mighty Cthulhu. Find the way to get out while discovering little narrative pills to know more about that crazy sect. 

The gameplay is based on point & click classic mechanics. You will have to investigate, collect items and learn how they can be useful for you. 

Main actions:

Observe: Learn about the items and investigate the scene to discover clues. 
Use: Use the items properly and in the right place to advance in the game. 
Combine: Combine different items in the right way, creating new and useful ones. 

You will advance in the game by solving puzzles and learning about the things/objects that surrounds you. Discover the crazy and funny secrets about the sect that has kidnapped you and keep yourself alive !

The key points of the game are:

- Old School Point and click adventure games.

- Lore from Cthulhu stories. 

- 2D art cartoon style

- Challenging puzzles

- Funny story 

The game take place in a hidden room that hides a lot of secrets. Find secret notes that will reveal the crazy story about your kidnapping, discover clues and gain your path to freedom !

In the game you will have to deal with multiple items. Learn about them, use and combine them in order to solve the puzzles !

We are not going to reveal you one of the most cool secrets of the game ! jeje. You must to find it out !


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i can't figure out where to get the code for joe's briefcase :((((

and is he supposed to say more than the first thing? cause if he is i havent gotten it

i cant play as i cant see my mouse so idk where im clicking...

This was a fun game, every part of it. Loved the story and the retro vibes.

Hello! I adored your game, it was amazingly well done with a great story and nice graphics. There were some grammatical errors but that can easily be overlooked. I made a let's play of your game here~

hello. can you please tell me the duration of the game? thanks


Hello Keser-one :)

The game is about one hour of playing depending on your habilities to solve the puzzles.

Thanks !